History and mission

Founded in 2006, the Calgary Professional Videographers Association is a registered non-profit society in the province of Alberta. We strive to raise awareness of the value of professional videography, provide opportunity for our members to continuously advance their skills, and promote ethical business practices within the industry.

Our members

CPVA members include professional video producers, audio-visual specialists, and students interested in video production and filmmaking. Members work in a wide variety of areas, including corporate video production, event videography, industrial and training videos, weddings, commercial production, graphics and animation, and more.

The CPVA offers several levels of membership, and our certified professional members must meet our required standards of skill, expertise, and ethical business practice.

Code of Ethics

All members of the CPVA must adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • Advance and improve their knowledge and skill of professional videography and related technical and business disciplines;

  • Avoid using unfair business practices, and will be licensed as required by the City of Calgary (or applicable municipality);

  • Produce video production services that are equal to or superior to the samples displayed for demonstration to potential clients;

  • Maintain their equipment in good working order and have backup systems and procedures on hand to deal with breakdowns as needed;

  • Maintain the highest standard of honesty in all transactions – not making false claims, confusing or misleading technical terms, or inaccurate titles;

  • Maintain high standards of integrity and dignity in their professional conduct;

  • Work in a courteous and cooperative spirit with fellow professionals, assisting them whenever possible in case of trouble or difficulty;

  • Assist and give knowledge to fellow professionals so that the overall standing of the video production profession will improve.